New opportunity to work in paediatric medicines

I thought I should share the opportunity that has arisen for anyone interested to come and work with me at the University of Birmingham!

I am looking for someone enthusiastic to work with me on a project that is joint with the pharmaceutical industry to better understand how to measure the acceptability of a paediatric medicine. Acceptability is a tricky concept as acceptable can mean different things to different people – with medicines it is not about liking the medicine but ensuring that it is not disliked to the point where the patient won’t take it!

Measuring this aspect is therefore also difficult – then there is setting the boundary – how many people have to say it is acceptable to make it acceptable…

A recent study conducted to measure the taste of a liquid medicine designed for use in children measured the acceptability of taste in 14 healthy adults – 8 of whom (57%) thought the taste was acceptable – is that enough… Please share your comments below!

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