TED Talk

So. I gave the TED talk on Saturday and I felt that it went ok. I don’t yet have the link to share but I will post that once it becomes available.

The TED event was really interesting as it was my first one! The talks were wide ranging and certainly made me think. Particular highlights included a talk about the cost of kindness and compassion in nursing. I was brought up being told that “kindness costs nothing” However, when being kind to people is part of your job you do need time to off-load and to share some of the harder moments where being kind was a bigger effort than usual. It is critical that all caring professions have time ringfenced within their job to share experiences and reflect on some of the tougher moments to allow them to continue to be kind and compassionate.

A talk on why I should pay more inheritance tax was also thought provoking – what better tax than one you never pay as long as you live!!

The closing talk was by a paralypian gold medallist. She spoke about invisible disability and why we need to be more open in talking about disability and how it can affect everyday lives..

I will definitely try to attend more public engagement events to learn about others research projects and to be inspired.

Plus the Great Hall at the University of Birmingham was an amazing venue for this event.

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