Generation R matures…

This is an excuse to repost material from the Generation R meeting held in 2013.

In September 2013, the NIHR Medicines for Children Research Network’s ran an event: Generation R. Generation R was conceived, written and run by their Young Person’s Advisory Group. The event sought to engage the life-sciences industry in the importance of children’s research and the invaluable role young people have to play in its development.

There are some great videos from the event here

You can find out more via the GenerationR report

This is a really exciting report that was the first of its kind across Europe and it really shows how energising involving young people in research can be.

The reason for the re-post is just to celebrate the fact that one of the young people involved, a former member of the Young Person‟s Advisory Group in Birmingham has been offered a unique research career opening with Sir Iain Chalmers. On graduating from University, Sophie Robinson will be joining the James Lind Alliance. She will be involved in a project to further develop the Generation R initiative – to give a voice to young people with an interest in research. Sophie hopes to make this national project international. Sophie has stated: “This is a project that I am determined to see succeed, especially as many of the children and young people from the NIHR groups were the ones to initiate the Generation R event in 2013. I am very grateful to Sir Iain Chalmers who has offered me this position.”

I am also grateful tothe coordinators of the West Midlands YPAG who I initially met 5 years ago, and who have ultimately led me in to a career where I can bring some well-needed changes to the testing of medicines.

This is showing the widest benefits of involving children in research

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