Something a bit different – an artificial colon

Most of my research is centered on research around Children’s medicines but I am involved in other areas.

One project that I work on with Mark Simmons (a chemical engineer) has been to develop an artificial colon. This project is the major part of Kostas Stomatopoulous’s PhD and we want to create a model that accurately represents the human adult colon. You are probably wondering why?!

We want to look at how medicines interact with the surface of the colon as this is really important in treating diseases including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. We hope to use this model to better understand which treatments are most likely to work. There are currently no accurate models of the human colon so development work has been done in simple laboratory glassware rather than using this biorelevant model. It is hard to describe but we were features on BBC Radio 4’s inside science programme yesterday and here are some clips


Here is the link to the show  go to 15:50 to hear Mark and Kostas talk


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