Research and Us: Infants’ Children’s and Young People’s child health research charter

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK) have introduced a charter that includes principles for working with and involving children and young people in research. It was introduced in April 2016 so I know I am a bit late in updating on this but the last few months have been super-busy. However, although I am late in reporting why has it taken until 2016 to introduce this charter?!

This work came about as a result of the Turning the tide report which highlighted that there not only needs to be more opportunities for paediatricians to get involved in research but also to improve public perceptions of clinical research that involves children.

Many paediatricians are already actively engaging with children, young people and their families to ensure clinical research is right for the patient. However, this was not being appropriately captured and perhaps not implemented across the board. The introduction of the charter makes this activity transparent and clearly the expectation. The other real positive is that it allows families to get actively involved in research which is always a bonus. The next challenge is to be proactive and let families know that they can influence research so they should be submitting any ideas or improvements to the right people to implement the change. That may take another stretch of time…..

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