Voice of the child?!

Today I had the privilege of examining a PhD student on her research project that explored the potential to involve children in medicines R&D. This is a topic close to my heart as I really feel that children should have a voice in the development of medicines as well as their testing to ensure they meet the needs of those children who have to take the medicine. Research projects that tackle these issues are really important to highlight the role that children can play. Giving children a voice is one of the most powerful things that we can do.

I have been asked to talk at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society at an event about women in leadership. This is a subject that I don’t usually talk about and it is something that has given me cause for concern – what can I say about women in leadership what voice do I want to channel…? In my research I decided to ask my female friends for advice on what to say and what they would want to hear. So far the responses have been varied – I have enjoyed the discussions as the viewpoints are so diverse. However, this time my research has been much more enjoyable that other topics – I have been introduced to some great online resources and “The Guilty Feminist” is my new favourite podcast. http://guiltyfeminist.com/

One of the things I have learnt is that I have a voice and I can use this voice to not only speak for children but also for women – it is time that I used it.

I need to get involved and really support and champion women in pharmaceutical science. I wrote a short promotional piece for the talk at the RPS and I highlighted that although we have approximately 70% females on our undergraduate courses the proportion of women in senior roles in pharmacy is only 20%. I want to set a challenge to my audience that we all identify how we can support and champion women to make a change. I hope that I can reach out to men as well as women as it needs the support of all pharmaceutical scientists to ensure that we have an equal workplace.

I now need to seek out how we do this – will it be by mentoring, activism or do we need to take a more disruptive route – I will have to wait and see what the audience think!


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