findacure presentation

I have been invited to give a presentation on pre-clinical drug development to an audience of patient groups. This is a real challenge for me as I know a lot about pre-clinical drug development and teach this to undergraduate and post-graduate students at the University of Birmingham. However, this audience is unique, I don’t know their background knowledge so I am not sure how much to say – the presentation is a webinar so I can’t see their faces to see if my approach is at the right level. How will I know if I have given them the information they wanted…. Finally, University students’ motivation is always linked to assessment – this audience will not be assessed on their understanding!! Although they are relieved about this I still need to understand their motivation to take the time to listen and feel enormous responsibility to deliver an interesting talk…

I have worked with patient groups previously; they are representatives who are often eager to learn more about a condition that affects them or a family member. The main purpose of my talk is to explain pre-clinical research in a simple way to make sure that I introduce the language used within this area of research to enable patient groups to have meaningful conversations with researchers and funders working in this area. Patient groups can be involved in prioritisation exercises to determine where funding should be directed – it is critical that they understand the impact of that funding on the outcomes for the patient group – even when these outcomes may not have an immediate and direct effect on those living with a condition.


The event is on the 11th April and I have already planned the presentation – I now need to road test and fine-tune it – wish me luck


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