Young people having a powerful voice?

This week I have been inspired by Liv Jones. Liv is a teenage pupil at a school where they are about to move to a new building. The teachers were asked to suggest inspirational people as the names for the new rooms. Liv noticed that there were very few women on the lists and so asked if they could look to have half the rooms named after inspirational women to reflect the gender balance of the pupils. The school have refused. This is where Liv could have given up… But no she continued with her campaign. She used Twitter to attract attention and even appeared on the Guilty Feminist podcast to talk about her campaign. I love this story – obviously the message she sends is one I wholeheartedly agree with – but her dedication to her campaign and her maturity is what is most admirable. She has not just gone quietly away to grumble to her peers, she has risen to the challenge to continue her campaign and to to empower other people (young and old) to stand up for their beliefs and to make things happen. She really has got a powerful voice.

If you want to sign her campaign here is the link:

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