A week of public engagement

This week I have attended two events on public engagement

1 A University of Birmingham patient involvement celebration of research and partnership

2. Thinktank Lates – an evening at Birmingham Science museum with a showcase of research

Both were enjoyable and it is great that patients and the public are keen to talk about medicines and how to improve these. There are many individuals who struggle with everyday tasks associated with taking medicines these range from dexterity issues to dysphagia and it is important that these are all considered in the design of appropriate and acceptable medicines.

Some of our activities included sharing models and images of tablets and capsules that are available in a range of sizes and surface textures to see how these may affect the perception of handling or swallowing medicines. We were also exploring what devices are considered acceptable for the measurement of sprinkle formulations. I am always enthused by the enthusiasm of others – this week it has been the enthusiasm of those involved in research as well as the members of the public and patients that we met.

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